20 December 2008


My mother showed me a few artworks of mine while she's cleaning up some old stuffs. Was kinda surprise to see my own works dated 10 years ago or so.

Since I was young, I knew that I'm not into drawing and designing but it's a crucial part to develop creativity, so parents sent me for art class.
Back then I didn't take it seriously and spent most of my time there chatting with others, so says my mother.

These are the works from year 1997, when I was standard 2.

Not the best looking "music booklet".

Playground artwork. Was inspired by some of the playgrounds which I've played back then, if I'm not mistaken, should be the Lake Gardens playground located near the Parliament.


I remember the fancy towers that excites me the most when I was still a kiddo. I find it amusing that I did include the ice-cream vendor in the artwork too, no idea I was that observant last time lol.

This is the work from year 1998, a poster propagating "Reading is a good habit".
Was surprise to see the colour that I chose for this artwork fits in nicely, probably one of the best artwork I've ever produced? lol....


Mother did found some artworks drawn by my sister too.

Unfinished sketches. Should be something to do with the Mooncake Festival.


If these were to be coloured, it would be great.

Her coloured artwork on ants. Dated Aug 26 1994.

I can say that I'm an artistic guy, but not into the drawing part. Still, it's a form of art which some would've know how to appreciate it.

For me, I appreciate the other form of art, that is the sound, the music, the sound of music. :)

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