21 December 2008


2 weeks since I started the Japanese language course, I can see a huge improvement in me.
I'm happy with the progress so far. I didn't expect that I can now read & write hiragana just after 2 weeks of studying!
I can read simple text but I may not know the meaning yet lol. Still got more things to learn before I can understand what am I writing/reading.

Currently learning katakana, which looks more simplified than hiragana but there're a few similar strokes in writings so have to be careful not to mess it up.

As for conversation part, still in the basics learning nouns, verbs etc.
At least now I can read from 0 to 100, but but yet up to hundreds and thousands.

Well, there's no shortcut learning a language, everything must start from the very beginning before you can absorb more advanced lessons.

Am glad that to meet new friends there, very helpful and funny.

Sitting in front of me there's Jackson & Hiro, both are "veteran" in Japanese language and serve as our translator if we couldn't understand what the teacher says.

To my right there's Caphy, Leang, Pei Kee & Kelvin. I usually had my lunch with this gang as we get along well.

On my back there's Yann Yann, Soo Fang & Shiori. They're elder than me but they seems to be as cheerful as we young lads are, hahah.

Well then, nothing much else I wanna talk about the lesson. Next week's lesson only last for 3 days due to the Xmas holiday. I'm happy that I can enjoy a little break then. :)

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