21 December 2008

Feel the Crunch

Today had terrible experience surfing the net, seems like I can only felt the effect of the network cable disruption now.
TM just made a statement on the disruption in the Internet service moments ago though.

Notably lagged website would be Facebook, as I could hardly get into the mainpage, not even browse through profiles.
Wikipedia lagged as well, but at least it'll still load after wait for it a little longer.
Although the RO I'm playing is hosted in the US, I still can feel the lag during the gameplay, a big no no especially when playing in higher level areas.

But I'm thankful that the more crucial Google services are not disrupted, therefore I'm still able to write this post, as well as updating myself with blog RSS feeds.

Still not the end of the day, but having a few sites down can be quite annoying. Heard that this issue will be resolved by 31 Dec, so for now I can just wait and see, live with it.

1 comment:

  1. the innocent dreamerDecember 22, 2008 3:49 AM

    thanks God no prob here in UK!