15 November 2008

To Do List after 20th Nov

20th Nov, which is next Tuesday will be the last day of exam. Of course, I've planned what I'm going to do for the free time then. Well, I won't be free then as I'll be occupied with lots of stuffs.

Here's the plan:

College video
Finally I can work on it full-time! I've shortlisted a few songs to be made as the BGM, and it'll be a great vid! Just wait and see people!! :)

Port Dickson trip (24-25 Nov)
Collegmates asked me to join them in a trip to Port Dickson, yeah!
We'll be staying in Eagle Ranch Resort over there. Approx 11 people confirmed, maybe add in a few more members as well.

The resort looks pretty cool with all sorts of fun activities, including go-kart, archery, horse-riding etc. I might bring my football there since there's a futsal court to play. :)

Meet Ms Lee & Mr Goh
It's been awhile since I met with my secondary school teachers. Wanted to get some updates from them and also advice for future studies.

Ms Lee, I guess most Chong Hwa students knew her very well indeed, anyway she's someone whom I can trust on asking about further study related to music industry.

Mr Goh, my tutor since Form 1 and also my boss. A wiseman I would say, I hold high regards on him. Just wanna check out how's things going on, and possibly work for him again next year?

Sungei Wang & Low Yat Plaza shopping
I've been planning for some time to go there shop again.
My target would be Final Fantasy VI OST, and maybe a few other albums that caught my attention. 
This time I dont wanna repeat my previous mistake not to buy the album when it's available. 
Better regret buying it than regret not getting it.

Also I wanted to find out some tech stuffs over Low Yat Plaza before the PC Fair which is few weeks to go.

ICOM might be the place I'm gonna further my studies related to sound engineering or music production. It's relatively close to my place, way closer to my house than studying overseas.
Wanted to ask bout the course and the cost as well.

Dental appointment (1 Dec)
My actual appointment is set on 30th Oct but due to some problem the dental clinic delay it to Dec 1. Anyway the dentist is a nice lady so I would feel better going there. I've dentalphobia lol.

TARC SPUS Prom at Sentul (10 Dec)
Here are the details:
SPUS Farewell Prom.

PC Fair (13 Dec)
Will be check up some of the latest gadget there. If I've bought my stuffs in Low Yat Plaza earlier as planned I guess I won't be buying anything unless something attracts me greatly.

Anyway going to attend a mini blogger gathering there too, with a few forumers from LowYat.net. My first blogger gathering, heh.

So that's basically what I'm going to do in the next few weeks. Busy huh.....

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