15 November 2008

Hospital Visit

Went to visit father again in the evening. He's in good shape, now can read as usual, though with one eye closed. He's in good spirit, can talk & move normally, a good sign.

Should be able to discharge by next week Monday or Tuesday, gonna rest at home for a few weeks I guess, just like previously.

The view from father's room.

View from father's yard

Pretty nice, can see the 2 landmark towers of KL.

Night view.

View from father's ward

Noticed one of the twin towers haven't lit up?


The light just pop up a moment after I took the pic!

Will be going to visit again tomorrow and probably Sunday too. I think I won't be going on Monday if he haven't discharge, because I wanna concentrate on studying for the next Bio P5 exam.

I know family is important, but I can't just neglect the exam too, we've paid for it, and not to sit for the paper is my worst fear.
So CLH, it's impossible you ask me skip exam just to visit dad. :P


  1. glad to hear your dad is fine =)
    Good luck with the rest of your exams