11 November 2008

Restless Exam

Tomorrow should be the last deadly paper, I hope. Studying Chemistry for the past few days are driving me nuts!
I like Chemistry, but it's just too tricky to deal with. Ahh....

When it's getting closer to the real exam, I find that I'm getting more and more restless to a point I wanna throw the notes all aside. I'm not frustrated, just don't have the mood to study, can't absorb much into me.

So perhaps the advice I've heard long long ago works, prepare earlier or regret now. 

But even if I prepare earlier, I wouldn't be able to kept it in my mind for a long time. A week before the exam is consider long too, a few days before the exam may be still workable.

Last minute study is not a choice for every students, but in the case of some people, it might work, otherwise it won't. So.... be prepared earlier is better than you regret preparing it early.

Alright I'm done with my "advice" here, gonna burry myself with Chemistry again.

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