11 November 2008

Best Wishes for SPM

I'm not sure anyone of the readers here are taking the exam, but wish all the best and good luck for those who're sitting for SPM exam this year.  :)

The only few juniors I can remember are Yee Yew and Jonah? Oh there's also the sis of Jia Hui & Yee Von, Jia Yi and.... *forgotten her name lol*. 
Those are my friend's brother/sister, so wish them good luck la.

Anyway,  NS will be waiting for them next year too. GG.


  1. Hey,thank you for the wishes on behalf of my sis. You care about your juniors huh?

  2. yep, juniors are friends too, so why not?

  3. Yea,they are but I'm not like you. Juniors must like you very much lo.

  4. actually for this year de (means -2 our year) I only know a handful of 'em.
    hmm.... wishing good for them. :D