05 November 2008

President Obama

The world is very happy with this new change.

Goodbye Republican.
Goodbye Mr white hair guy.
Goodbye Mr George "Warmonger" Bush.

Actually I didn't really take notice bout US election since it started months ago. Not really interest in it's politics.

From my casual observation, seems like McCain portrays himself as another war-hunger American, a good pal of Bush, of course. Boasted his experience in Vietnam War, yadda yadda.... But he didn't realised that the world is sick of WAR!

Barack Obama, what's so great about him? I didn't listen to his speech or follow his campaign, but from my point of view, he may be a suitable candidate to bridge the gap between the West and the East. You know, the West doesn't goes very well with the Middle-Eastern, that's why everyday there'll be terrorist bombing here and there.

Obama had been raised in an Islamic environment before, more or less, so that'll provide him a different point of view compare to ordinary Americans who doesn't step foot onto other cultures before.

We'll just see what he can deliver to the world in this 4 years term. Everyone has high expectations on him, as he's the de facto leader of the world.

God bless Democrats!
God bless Barack Obama!!
God bless America!!!

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