05 November 2008

Laptop, fixed

Was waken up by a call slightly before 10am, the tech guy from Dell confirms the direction to my house. He said he's coming around 11am, which is a good timing.

The guy arrived at 11:30am, and immediately start working off with the laptop.

Well, he's a nice guy anyway, chatted with him while he fixin' the laptop. Was kinda surprise to see what's underneath the laptop cover, and I only noticed that my heatsink is accumulating dust.

New mobo

You might wanna ask why replace the motherboard when the faulty component is the graphic card? The thing is, the graphic card is attached to the mobo, so to replace it you'll have to replace the entire mobo. That's why upgrading graphic card is not really an option for laptop users. You're basically stuck with what you get.

The problematic Nvidia graphic card

Everything is fixed within an hour time. He checked and tested the system to make sure that everything's working fine.

Now this time Dell didn't disappoints me. Really appreciate the fast-response. Called them yesterday morning and today they come and fix it. Nice!

Now that I can goto college sit for the paper without worrying much. :D

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