26 November 2008

Port Dickson Trip

* pics-intensive post *

Few feeks ago Tang Yang asked me to join the trip after the exam, back then my plan is still in the 'holiday mood' so I happily agreed.

Who knows, my plan changed at a very last moment, messing up with my mood and I nearly called it off the trip at the very last moment.

Well, luckily I chose to go albeit the state of my mood. I did not regret to join this trip, a memorable one.

Right,so the journey to PD started around 1030 in 3 cars.


Reached our apartment around 1230. We're staying in the Marina Bay Resort, thanks to Jolene who managed to get a unit from a family friend.

From the unit balcony.

After settle down with our stuffs, off we go to explore Port Dickson.

We went to a nearby public beach and decided to scramble our lunch there.

They still serve in these bottles!

The fried noodle I ordered taste good, although it looks very spicy. Some of them however complained about the food though. Not really hygiene but we'll just made do of it.

We went to Eagle Ranch Resort for a game of paintball.

Group pic.

According to friends the paintball game over here is cheaper than playing in KL, RM 40 for a round is reasonable.

Obstacles in the paintball battlefield.

I can't recognise myself lol.

Preparing for the massacre!

Group pic before the game starts.

Battle prelude.

In action!
DSC09630 DSC09629
DSC09625 DSC09645

DSC09648 DSC09647

Finishing the paintballs on shooting range.

It's a nice game, kinda excited but the game ended faster than I expect. Was able to hit someone but at the same time I was shot too lol. Luckily the paint didn't stain my shirt.

Next stop, go-kart game at a site called Extreme Park where we passed by while on the way to Eagle Ranch Resort.

IMG_0213 IMG_0215

The rate is pretty good, RM 15 per person for 9 laps.

We let the ladies play first.
IMG_0221 DSC09670
IMG_0224 DSC09686

IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243
Jolene, Lengar & Vivian, 123.

The guys' turn.
IMG_0245 IMG_0246
IMG_0251 IMG_0253

For guys it's a really rough game, banged each others few times while racing in the lap, and furthermore the go-kart is not easy to control, it moves faster than you actually see it.
Anyway, we had fun with the go-kart.

Went back to the apartment to prepare BBQ stuffs. We're heading to another public beach to had BBQ dinner by the sea, cool!

Setting the BBQ ground.

Some stuffs we grilled.
IMG_0284 IMG_0283

Grilling chicken wing.

Don & Ray.

Jeshua, Vivian, Lengar, Melissa.

Playing with the camera's long shutter effect. Kinda failed lol.
IMG_0276 IMG_0274

BBQ fire in different shutter exposure.
IMG_0270 IMG_0273

The BBQ is pretty nice, we had great time enjoying the breeze by the sea and hanging out with friends~ :D

On the way back we stop by a fanfare which is just a stone throw away from our apartment.


Didn't took much pics there 'coz we're just looking around. Anyway, I must say that the coconut water sold there is refreshing and cheap too!

Group pic at the fanfare.

We spend the next few hours in the apartment playing cards, chess & watch TVs, typical indoor activities.

I got the chance to play around with an iPod Nano 4G & iPod Classic 5G, courtesy of Hsiang & Jeshua. Will write a review bout it later.

iPod Nano VS iPod Classic VS Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

Went to sleep around 0130. End of Day 1.

The next day was awaken by Tang Yang around 0800.

Wash up abit, and we're heading to the beach we had our BBQ last night.

We played beach volleyball there, it's fun playing 5on5 game. No pics are taken as I'm playing lol.

Relax by the beach after the volleyball game.

Yours, truly.

Some of them playing the banana boat.

Head back to the apartment around noon to clean up the apartment and prepare for departure.

Before we went back to KL we stop by a restaurant to had our lunch.

Special menu, Chicken Curry Bread. Taste good!

Jolene & Hsiang, me.

We ordered a few more dishes for the 14 of us. The bill came up at RM 195.60, divided by 14, everyone have to pay RM 14, which is cheap. Good food and reasonable price, you can't ask for more for a meal. :)

I took a lift from Jeshua's car who is kind enough to drop me by my doorstep, many thanks bro!

It's a great trip, I would definitely love to have one again if I got the spirit & time. Really a lovely bunch of peoples!

Have to thank Jolene & Hsiang, Tang Yang, Suyin, Jeshua etc for helping me out during the trip, whether physically or mentally.

Thanks Don, Ray, Aaron & Johnson for cracking up jokes to make me laugh, their jokes & pranks are classic!

....and the rest in the trip, Lengar, Melissa, Vivian & Gaik Xuang, who made this one a wonderful trip!

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