25 November 2008

Bryan's Tag

Just realised Bryan tagged me in his latest blog post on celebrations of finishing the exam and completing the college. Hahah, they sure had lots of fun!
In this tag I would like you all to write down
5 things you remember
5 things you will miss
5 things you will regret not doing or saying, throughout your experience and story in TARC A-level course.
~ Bryan

5 things I remember....
1. The campus.
Seriously, I think this is one of the best college campus in Malaysia, but of course you can't compare it to those richie colleges like Taylors or SEGi. TARC campus is definitely a great place to study in!

College Admin Block

2. The lecturers & staffs.
For my course I'm really lucky to be taught by very hardworking and responsible lecturers.
I doubt I can find anyone better than them in other colleges, for sure! Dedicated lecturers to serve the students, respect!!

Mr Low's tutorial in lecture hall

3. Rushing from a place to another for the next class.
Unlike in secondary school where we had all our class in the same classroom, in college we've to rush for some distance from the lecture hall to the tutorial block.


4. The lessons.
With the proper environment and helpful lecturers, the best thing to enjoy in the college is during the lessons, let it be in the lecture hall where 3 class SN8ABC having lecture together, or separate into smaller class for tutorial hours. Absolutely enjoy all the moments studyin'!

Ms Lynn's farewell

I especially love the sudden outburst of jokes or pranks to make the dull atmosphere to be alive again. XD

5. The friends.
Without them, studying will be boring, really, even if the lecturers are damn good. You'll need a group of people together to induce the urge to study, or else you'll easily get deviated & distracted by something else.

Group pic

5 things I will miss.

1. The fun time we all had together!
Although I'm from the B class, but I do enjoy mixing around with friends from A & C classes. I will definitely miss all the friends, who've taught me valuable lessons in life. We learn things from each others, to help us grow up to become a better person. :)


2. The lecturers.
They're the best lecturers we can ever asked for! They care so much for us, and gave us advises not just on studies but also in real life situation as well. They're some sort of like parental figure especially for those who're coming all the way to study from outstations.
It's not just me, but I know many of us will miss the lecturers.
Wanna thank Mr Low, Ms Chong, Ms Ong, Mr Yap, Ms Ngow, Ms Lynn, Ms Chin and some other lecturers which I may've missed it.

Pei Hwa, Mr Yap, Charlotte, Krystal

3. The hanging-outs.
Thanks for inviting me to join you guys for the parties and outings, though I didn't make it for some of it. Really enjoy it, having fun with friends is the best way to enjoy life! :D


4. Sports games I had with friends.
I never had such a great game of football before, thanks to these guys I really enjoy every moment playing football with them, let it be on the big field or the fustal field, sunny or rainy weather. It's the game of life!

Football team

And also the evenings we've spent on volleyball court. Thanks to Tang Yang & Pei Hwa, I've managed to learn how to play this game, it's fun!


5. What else will I miss? Hmm.... can't really think of any, but anyway I'll miss college life for sure, it's been another great chapter in my book of life! Youth is the best!

5 things you will regret not doing or saying, throughout your experience and story in TARC A-level course

1. Not completing the tutorial questions lol.
Hahah, I've to admit it, I only do a handful of the exercises given, but I spend most time on the past year papers though. Still, if your basic is not good enough you won't be able to do the past year papers, that's what I learn.

2. Didn't won any matches in football game.
We've entered the Sports Carnival football competition twice, but we won none of the matches. Though defeated, but still we enjoyed the game, as defeat is just part of the game, most important that we're having fun!
But of course, it will be better if we won something!

3. Mess up with someone. As far as I tried to make friends with as many people as I can, but in the process I might've screwed a few friendships. Should I say lucky or unlucky? Luckily is so far only one "casualty", but unluckily I'm the one who messed it up.
Quite complicated story but after all it's done we still remain friends, though seldom talk to each others now.

What else I regret? I think nothing else, overall I'm very satisfied with everything.
I'm really happy that I've chosen to study here, though it seems like wasted a little hahah.

Once again I thank everyone in the college, the lecturers and the friends to made my college life somewhat more interesting & colourful. Yo've my gratitude and I appreciate all the efforts we all have put in to made up these wonderful experiences!


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