29 November 2008

Brief review for iPod Nano

Was able to get my hands on the new iPod Nano launched few months ago when I was in PD.

I read online that the new iPod Nano boosted with a better sound driver in it thus producing better sounds compared to previous iPods. I wanna try it out for myself how good it is.

iPod Nano black paired with my Creative EP-630.
iPod Nano

As it advertised, iPod Nano is sleek and slim, it fits nicely on my palm, I had good feeling bout it.

I tested the sound through my EP-630 and the stock iPod earphone. I personally felt that the iPod stock earphone sounds pretty nice, whereas my EP-630 is a little too bassy to my liking. I'm not really fond of bass, but it's all about

Comparing the iPod Nano size to my Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, the iPod looks smaller.
Nokia 5310 VS iPod Nano

I did not compare the sound between these 2 gadgets as I don't have the same song on both gadgets thus cannot give a valid comparison. But I feel that iPod Nano gives a better sound compared to my Nokia.

Testing the coverflow, horizontally & vertically.
IMG_0312 IMG_0313

Just nice I've got another iPod Classic to boot. Let's compared the 3 gadgets....

iPod Nano VS iPod Classic VS Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

The iPod Classic is the 5th generation, so it's a generation behind from the current 6th. I can understand why those forumers bash iPod badly, because the iPod Classic's sound doesn't sound good at all, kinda noisy, it's worse than the iPod Nano & my Nokia 5310.
Even if I tried with different earphones, there's something wrong with the sound so too bad for the iPod Classic.

After testing out the iPod Nano, I'm tempted to get one, though it's a little too luxurious for me to afford one now. The 8GB version is selling for RM 600 while the 16GB version is RM 800, definitely cheaper than the original 1k+ price tag.

But looking at the trend, I know the price can drop after some time, especially when newer models are rolling out. Well, I'll just wait and see the market first. :)

Thanks Hsiang (iPod Nano) & Jeshua (iPod Classic) for letting me to play with their gadgets. :D

P/S: I'd like to test on the Sony Walkman player one day, as I heard Sony Walkman is one of the best in the market, especially their superb sound quality, much superior to iPod's, I heard.

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