12 November 2008

TARC SPUS Farewell Prom

Got this from Jolene's blog:


To all TarCollege-KL students who are graduating this end of the year (from STPM AND A-LEVELS), here's a little good news on a get-to-gether this December. 
Since we do not have a proper graduation night and most people are disappearing after finals straight away, here's a little something for you before you go.

A more formal-farewell-bid-goodbye for all of us! :p

Event: Farewell

Date: 10th Dec 2008 (Wednesday)

Venue: HGH Convention Centre, Sentul (map)

Tic Price: RM 18

Attire: Pretty and Formal-No JEANS, Tshirt bla bla bla.

Any information needed or suggestions to give, call this number..{ 016 363 3616 }
(No idea to whom this number belongs to.. the organiser I suppose)

It'll be prom-like!

-courtesy of some students in A levels department- (I THINK!)
They never did set a theme I guess, all in a rushhhh rushhhh hush... :S
You can always contribute ideas by dialing the number above, no prank calls please.

*CHEERS!!* Lets all go together and enjoy ourselves till the last bits of college life.


Last week I just mentioned about graduation without ceremony, now this is the perfect reply to my post! :D

Yeah, a prom night would be a great alternative to the proper graduation ceremony. Anyhow, youngsters prefer prom as grad ceremony can be boring (though we're looking forward to it lol).

In a prom, at least we don't need to sit still there listen to the speeches, we go there just to enjoy some fun time with friends for the very last moment~

I'm likely to attend, since I pretty much know where's the HGH Convention Centre is, been there before, should not be hard to find it.

If you're interested you can contact the person-in-charge on the number above, though I've no idea who he/she is for now. 

Will post up more details when I got them.  
Cheers people.  :)

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