12 November 2008

3 more papers to go!

Today had Chemistry paper 4.

Like many friends, previous night was a sleepless night. At least I managed to squeeze out 5 hours for sleep though I went to bed earlier than that. (-__-")

Talk about Chem P4, am glad that it wasn't the killer like Physics P4.

Questions are tricky as usual, but not to an extent students had no idea how to do at all.
Thanks to Biology knowledge, managed to do well in the Application part, enzyme inhibitor questions, more or less the same as AS Biology.

Just wait and see the result!

Oh yeah, so now left 3 more papers to go. Tomorrow's Physics P5 shouldn't be a problem, I guess. Reading the notes seems easy, really is. But, never underestimate what the Brits would came up with another unpleasant surprise for the students.

Next week would be the last exam week, with 2 Biology papers to sit for. After that, freedom~~ :D

When I finished my exam, STPM students just started their exam too, hahah....

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