18 October 2008

Wired VS Wireless

Was having a little problem sharing the network at home as the wireless router we had are not functioning well. The problem exists since sis CLH is still around. The router just went nuts for whatsoever reason. That time we had to share the wired net so only one of us can online at a time.

When CLY came back, she needed the wireless network for work but it can't be done, so she almost asked someone to courier one from China since she has extra over there. Luckily she suggested try using the addition network cable to connect the router instead of using wireless.

It works, the wired network is usable.

I forgotten the fact that the router itself can connect up to 6 different computers through the network cable (aka LAN cable), luckily I had a spare 25m long LAN cable so it can be dragged a little further away for my sis to use. I laughed at myself because I didn't think of it at the first place, almost going to replace the router already. 

A wired connection is always better than a wireless if the signal is weak and the connection is slow. Apparently the router's wireless function is no longer functioning well, so now it splits up the 512kbps connection into 2X 256kbps. Still can surf the net but obviously it's slower than having full connection.

Wireless is actually very useful, but for my case it's not good enough. I heard negative feedbacks from the Netgear products, as my friend working in Low Yat Plaza told me most of the time people would send Netgear's products for repairing or service. 

Now I'll just stick with this config..... because my sis wouldn't stay up for a long period so later I'll revert back to full wired network connection.

Settin' up the network seems easy, but sometimes there're uncertain & unknown problems buggin' around, like this one I frequently encountered: "Clash in IP address with another networking computer etc."


  1. happy with my Linksys WRT54G for 2 years and still counting. ^^

  2. I'm considering Linksys, thanks for the suggestion.

  3. stick with wired if possible. more stable than wireless. just my IMO btw hahaha, and good luck in your exams. =)

  4. Yea wired is always the better choice. Now I using Belkin Wireless router, so far so good, the speed is OK, just like wired connection even when my sis' using it too.

    good luck to u too!