18 October 2008

Caught in the traffic jam

Today I drove all the way to KLIA to fetch sis CLY. 

The journey started with a rather upset note as downpour struck. Have to drive slowly but luckily the weather went OK while on the KL-Putrajaya highway. Cruise all the way to KLIA, waited awhile for my sis' arrival.

Now, the real nightmare begins.

Thanks to the heavy rain, KL is badly flooded in certain areas, including the key routes which I took on the return journey.

Was stuck at somewhere near The Mins toll in MRR2, before switching to Salak Selatan route. Everywhere is jam packed, even the radio traffic report says that everywhere's jamming badly. 

Bypassed Sg. Besi area to the Palace road. Traffic crawling slowly all the way to Jln. Tun Razak. Normally from the Parliament to PWTC just need less than 5 mins, but today we're stuck there for almost an hour.... goodness me!

After dinner with family, at last can go back home!

But.... do you think it's that easy to get back home? Friday evening's traffic is notorious, and there comes another unfavourable weather to destroy everyone's mood. No one loves to get caught in the traffic jam on the eve of weekend, during a heavy rain which may cause flood, and worse come to worse, damage your beloved car.

Another thing I dont really like is with family nagging in the car here and there, distracting me , hard to concentrate to drive even in slow speed. I'm still not too used to the car so don't need to nag as if I'm that great, eventhough I've just got a year of driving experience.

Now is my turn to grab the steering wheel, so everything should go by my way. I appreciate useful advices given, but not any remarks in method differences. I'm different than you so you can't really tell me to do everything according to your way, I need learn for myself. 

That's why until now I've yet to really master driving the Perdana. Screw the weather, but at least I got the chance to try drive under the extreme condition in KL. Rainstorm is the major natural disaster here so sooner or later I'll have to embrace it.

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