08 October 2008

Tun Mahathir's Hari Raya Open House

Last Sunday, 5th of Oct is quite a busy day for me. Attended 2 functions which needs to travel quite a bit.

Morning headed to The Mines, Seri Kembangan, to attend Tun Mahathir's Hari Raya open house. Previously I attended his open house 4 years ago. I wrote a post about it back then, but all the pics are gone! Pics are being placed up there again.  

Oh how stupid I am now.... that time I hosted my pictures on some random host and now all the pics are gone! ARgh!!! Should have upload it in Flickr then! Dunno where should I retrieve the pics, given my old desktop reformatted few times and now migrated to laptop, it'll be very hard to locate it.  :(  

Nevermind my rant above, I've located the pics in the external harddrive. Luckily I backed up everything when I migrate between the computers, weee~! Now I'm gonna make full use of the Flickr Pro account to upload my entire photos collections into Flickr!

OK OK, now back to the main topic. So I was talking about attending Tun Mahathir's open house right? I saw Tun M's blog and Facebook announcing about his open house event, so asked parents whether they're interested to go or not. They agreed.

Last time when we were there, it's quite empty, only a handful of people attending the open house, a rather big contrast compare to the one I attended lately. There's the pics which you can compare the difference in attendance.

2004 VS 2008
RIMG0004 IMG_2569

To our surprise, the crowd if overwhelming! These 2 pics are taken exactly the same spot, though different time-frame. The mansion hasn't changed much (perhaps the roof's colour, which may due to the camera's quality), but certainly, the crowd does shows an overgrown increase!


This time we cannot enjoy the personal reception by the great man himself because it's just simply too crowded! We headed for the buffet line instead.

The food was catered by The Palace of the Golden Horses. It taste pretty good but there're complaints that the food is not fresh or so etc. No idea, I'm happy with it's chicken rendang though.

The patriarch - Tun Mahathir


The matriarch - Tun Siti Hasmah

A few pics from the open house.

Tun Mahathir's Proton Perdana Executive with a nice plate number.
Proton Perdana Executive

View from Tun Mahathir mansion's backyard, overlooking a constructing mansion and the lakeview of The Mines.

The crowd
IMG_2573 IMG_2567

So.... attending such magnitude of event, it will be weird if you don't bump into a few notable faces here.... 


Does he looks familiar?


Alright, he's the first Malaysian to went into outer-space, yeah, Dr Sheikh Muzaffar Shah.

As much as I condemn the gov for spending a few millions sending someone up into the sky for so called "scientific" purposes, but this guy's charismatic personality does attract a lot of fans, and not to mention his killer :D

At the end of the day I managed to sneak a pic with him lol.

Too bad this year couldn't get one step closer to Tun Mahathir. Parents weren't that eager to queue with the crowd, so we left once we're done with the buffet. Of course, father do turn up to Tun M himself as after all, he's my father's ex-boss. It's a matter of courtesy & respect.

Not sure whether we'll be coming here again next year or not, though. I hope there'll still be chances to meet him in person again.


  1. I came across your blog when i was searching info about Open House in KL. Nice one :) Did u visited the current PM then?

  2. hi there.
    nope, I didn't visit Pak Lah, not worth it, traffic jamming in PWTC. Even Tun M's open house also crowded alrdy as you see in this post.

    P/S: I enjoy those open house food though. :)