07 October 2008

Nuffnang Halloween Party...

Spotted the new layout in Nuffnang's page while checking my stats, apparently they're having another round of party to celebrate halloween this time, and I'm tempted to go.


The event is a joint collaboration with Nokia & Universal Music, and being a fan of Nokia, especially their XpressMusic phone (which I'm using now), I'm eagerly to attend this exciting event!

A Nokia-sponsored event wouldn't be completed with potential chances of winning a Nokia phone, this time is their newly launced XpressMusic phones, Nokia 5320 & 5220.

Unfortunately, the party clashes with my exam time-table. Sigh.... I guess I've to call it off then. I've yet to participate in a Nuffnang party event although I'm eligible to do so. 

Interested folks can goto this link to get instructions how to attend this party. Better be fast, as the invitations are limited!

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