14 October 2008

Background Musics in daily life

Today happened to encountered 2 familiar songs unexpectedly.
Most know that I'm an audio geek, I'm very particular and sensitive to the BGM.

Afternoon called Pos Malaysia hotline to track my PosLaju parcel status (ordered a pair of earphone last week!), and you know, sometimes you'll have to wait for awhile before the operator entertain you. In between the short wait, the phone plays a familiar tune from Kitaro. No, it's not the famous "Matsuri", but "Koi".

MV of "Koi"

I only heard the intro briefly as the operator tap in just less than 10 seconds wait. It's nice that they've chosen that song as the caller-wait-tune, but I bet some might be wondering what song is that, and eagerly to find out what song is that.

This happened to me a few times when I heard a tune I liked, but unable to know the title or artist for the song. A good example is this song, "To Be With You" by Mr Big. Heard it from the radio few times over the years, and I only managed to find out earlier this year. :S

When watching the news on RTM2, noticed they used Darth Vader's theme, the "Imperial March" from Star Wars as the intro music for the video on a local political party's internal election. A bad mistake, as it sounds like the party is made up of baddies because that's the antagonist's theme. They should have used other tunes instead of this one!

Hahah, I think I can work as BGM consultant, and I'm doing the job now. I'll be glad to help friends to sort out a few songs if they needed it for some functions or events. I do it for free because this is something I enjoy doing, and always glad to help out those who needs it. :D

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