09 August 2008

TARC SPUS Sports Carnival - Tug of War

Okay! So now I shall continue to write up bout what's happenin' in the SPUS Sports Carnival.

Earlier I've talk about the football game which I'm personally involved in. Now I'll bring you the tug of wars, participated by my coursemates.

Surprisingly, the ladies took part in this game instead of guys. Hah, those guys are either joined other sports or too lazy to take part in it. Don't underestimate the girls though, when the game is on they're darn serious in winning the game.  >:)

Like the football post, I shall be putting up a short clip here on that day's actions.

Coursemates are the pretty ladies in red. They're really having fun competing there, heh.

Sorry bout the quality of the vid as I converted the raw videos from phone. Not the best but at least you can see things moving around.  :P

I watched they compete in 2 rounds before I left, they won once and lose once. On the next day I heard they lost the 2 rounds after I left.  smile_confused

Done with tug-of-war, next is the more exciting volleyball game!

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