09 August 2008

TARC SPUS Sports Carnival - Volleyball

Volleyball is a sports I picked up quite late, started to play it only since last year. I immediately love it.

Thursday after the last lesson many of us stay up to watch the games of the guys and the ladies. We played awhile before the game started.

DSC04687 DSC04691

The supporters

DSC04698 DSC04702

Ladies' team in black, discussing tactics before the game started.

DSC04699 DSC04700

Guys' team, but not everyone in black though.

DSC04703 DSC04710

Here's the complementary video of the game. :)

Both teams played great games, and they rightfully deserves to get the gold medal for it!

DSC04737 DSC04734

DSC04733 P1080332


After the game we head to Pizza Hut @ Genting Klang to celebrate the victory! We hopped on a bus en route to Genting Klang, and lol wouldn't miss any opportunity to take photos~

P1080371 P1080370

We have 2 cameras on standby that day, yea, quite a lot of pics...


DSC04753 DSC04754 DSC04756 P1080395 DSC04758 DSC04759

Me with a few coursemates.

P1080381 DSC04760

We all had a great time dining together, another memorable day to be remembered! :D

All thanks to Tang Yang & Lengar for the photos. :)

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