28 August 2008

Internet Censorship

In case you haven't follow the news in Malaysia lately, the Malaysian Communication & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has ordered all the local Internet Service Providers (ISP) to ban the news portal Malaysia Today, run by the controversial figure Raja Petra Kamarudin.
[news link]

So why the commission, which is administrated by the government, want to ban Malaysia Today? It's simple to understand the reason because Malaysia Today posted a lot of articles bashing the governing party, whether the facts are baseless or reality. The gov did such move to shut the news portal up for good.

It is stupid & a step backward in building up the freedom of speech. I think who decide to take this kind of action is just plain idiot who's too afraid of the power of the Internet. I wonder whether they'll soon ban the Internet as well?

Besides, it's not the end of the day though, desperate Malaysians will still find their way to browse the site through various channels, you can read it here if you would like to know how to do it.

Stupid, idiot, crap, goon, ignorant, etc.... these should be the appropriate words to describe the MCMC, as well as the morons running everything behind the scene.

A word to BN dudes there, if you keep on doing such stupid things again & again, you can kiss your political ass goodbye soon, very soon.

They're coming, don't say the people didn't warn you.

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