30 August 2008

Chong Hwa Prom Night

Supposedly write this last weekend but couldn't make it, so this post is written a week later. Sorry for the delay 'coz "trial system" is activated for this week 'til next Tuesday.

It was more than a month ago when I saw my friend's MSN title citing there'll be the prom for my old school. Interested to know further, I dug deep and found out that the Lower 6 juniors are planning to organise the school's first ever prom night for the Form 6 students. My friends in Upper 6 are involved as well, and they asked me for a little advice initially.

It is certainly something new and afresh for the students there, as they're being left out from the glamour of prom night which could be one of the most memorable event they had during their last years in the school. I wanted to see this to succeed so I land my hand to help them as much as I can.

23rd of August, last Saturday, headed to the Dynasty Hotel located at Jalan Ipoh. Traffic wasn't that smooth as there's just a downpour struck the area moments ago, am glad that I managed to reach there safe and sound, I don't really like driving on a fully-packed road.

The organisers said the reception will be closed at 7pm sharp so I don't wanna be late. At least they still had some sense in them as many people haven't turn up as late as 7:30pm. Waited until 8pm and there everyone is present. The banquet door is shut, and the program begins~


Programs of the night.


Given the occasion like this, I'm glad that I can meet with all my friends again there. Likewise, it's uncommon to see all those friends dressing in their best suits and gowns, because usually I either met them in the school uniform or just casual wear. This is definitely something different, heh.

Allow me to introduce a few friends here, sitting at the same table.

Siew Mei & Siu Cheng, couple of the night.


Me and partners, Wen Ze to my right and Yuwei to my left.


Ex-classmate Haw Jiun and his gf Sze Ni.


Chin Wen & Fei Wen.


Kah Eng with Jia Hui.


The prom started with the emcees' introductions, and then followed by the organising chairman's speech. I don't wanna critic much bout the juniors, but given their performance in the speech I'd say their MUET would hardly score at least band 4, really.  *indirect "stab"  >:) *

Buffet dinner, as usual one cannot expect everything served would be good in hotel (except those high-end hotels such as Equatorial Hotel, Shangri-La etc. The salad was nice, the fried rice was nice, the lasagna was nice, but too bad the fish fillet & roast chicken hits below my expectations. Anyhow I managed to fill up my stomach that last me through the whole night.

Dancing has been a part of prom night, one of the main event of all. Some of the juniors took lead, and then only we seniors join in to dance~

IMG_2221 IMG_2222

IMG_2224 IMG_2225 

IMG_2226 IMG_2227

Dancing was quite fun, I haven't got the chance to do so back in the college prom due to my own silliness. Now I've learn that if you restrict yourself too much, you wouldn't enjoy this! Don't be shy to ask girls for a dance! I love to dance in the waltz, they've chosen the right song.   :D   (I just dance according to the beats and melodies, I do not learn how to dance actually lol.)

After the dance there's this magic show, performed by a "magician", or should I say, professional trickster. This guy is used to perform to the little kids, and he even refer us as "小朋友", which means children in Mandrin. [-_-"]

Pulled out a long sheet of papers from his mouth. Friend commented next time should bring this guy into the loo as well, should you face any shortage of papers, you can count on him!  ;)


Yat Seng and his partner Yee Sin on the stage "performing".


Kah Shih surrounded by leng luis, Han Xin & Yuen Shi.


Recorded Kah Shih's stunt, a rather hilarious one. Just nice I recorded this down, heck it's the funniest stuff of all!

Next time we can ask for free soy bean juice from this dude!  :P

The last game the trickster played with us, not any fancy "magic" tricks but rather a physical challenge.

IMG_2247 IMG_2251

I didn't record down any videoclip, nor take down any pics of the singing performances by the Lower 6 and Upper 6 students. If my memory recalled correctly, the Upper 6 ladies sang "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, and the guys sang "L-O-V-E" by dunno whom. Funny songs, very nice to entertain us hahah....

Prom night is not completed by a complementary cam-whoring session, though it's not in the official program list, naturally.

Karen & Chin Wei


Yee Sin with Yat Seng


Sze Ling, Phui Ling & Leysia, with Chee Tat behind 'em.


A few Upper 6 Arts ladies.


Lei Wen with his partner (dunno name), then Chean Hui with Nan Yang.


Me and Kah Shih, this guy has been through a lot lately.


Han Xin and me, my classmate since Form 1.


Jia Hui with me, she's currently taking up a course in IMU.


Fei Wen & Chin Wei


Me with Karen, Fei Wen.

IMG_2263 IMG_2262

Ladies who sang "Dancing Queen": Fei Wen, Han Xin, Yee Sin & Karen.


L-O-V-E guys, Jiun Quan, Yat Seng, Meng Yan, Weng Joew.


Pretty ladies and the guys.


"Twins", Fei Wen & Karen. Both actually having the same name, in chinese.


Siew Mei and Karen, both are my Form 1 classmates.


The sweet couple with me.


Pui Teng & Hui Fen. I somewhat inspired to pose like this as I watched too much of Bruce Wayne, heh. Of course my status is nowhere near the prince of Gotham. (the reference pic is taken from Batman Begins)

IMG_2277 vlcsnap-40016 (2)

Haw Jiun, a good mate since Form 4.


With my mate Weng Foo, who's sitting next to me back when I was in the school.


With Toh Wai, he used to annoyed me a lot but now he's the guy you can count on.


Chin Wei and me, another computer maniac just like me, hah.


Chin Wei, Siu Cheng, and me.


Some of the Upper 6 Arts gang.


Spotted a few Lower 6 juniors.




Siu Cheng & Siew Mei, voted the best couple of the night!


We had lots of fun that night, a job well done for the junior organisers! You've proven me wrong and I must congratulate you all for successfully held the first ever prom! I just hope that your juniors for next year can do as good as you guys did, and even to held a better prom than this year!

Thanks to all those who've asked me about this, I've left not much chance to be together with all the school friends again, months to come everybody will be busy with trial exams (whether you're A Level or STPM), and then faced the toughest challenge of all, the real exams. My A2 exam will finish when they're just starting STPM, and after that people would just move on in their life, to a whole new journey of life~

It's a part of life, we met new friends, get along together, and finally we've to be separated by any means. You can't just hold on to your friends for the rest of your life isn't it? Others had their own life and dream to achieve too.

I thank all the friends in Chong Hwa for giving me such a wonderful time studying there for the past few years, I'm glad that the grudge some people hold towards me are now resolved, I've to admit I've done something really silly back then and I deserve to be "punished". Nevermind then, what's done is done, I do not want to mention what happened back then, it's just a part of life, where you'll learn from the mistakes. 所谓,不经一事,不长一智。

Wish all of us good luck and excel in the exams! A wonderful life is just begin to unfold by the end of the year!!  :)


P/S: This is post #1449, one more to 1500th! I'll be writing something bout Malaysia's 51st independence then.... another masterpiece I would say.  ;)

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