21 August 2008

From Ugly to Beauty

Some of us here may have heard or even watch before the drama "Ugly Betty"? No, it's not the US version I'm talking about, it is the original Colombian version "Betty la fea", simply "Ugly Betty".

The story revolves around an ugly girl named Betty, how she adapt to her hostile workplace in a fashion company with her rivalries between fellow colleagues and eventually how she turn all the odds as she managed to transform from the puny secretary to be the a gorgeous woman that every man would die for.

The transformation:



So now you have a dramatized modern story derived from "The Ugly Duckling". It somewhat serves as a reminder never ever look down at least-pleasing looking figures, especially in the Latino region where the Miss Worlds and Universes are produced, a place where the pretty and handsome are deem to be superior than the ugly.

In real life, this is something not uncommon, I've seen it happen around me, friends whom I haven't met for quite some time already. I take the examples of my primary schoolmates.

Back in year 2001, when most of us haven't grown up yet, heh.
6M Year 2001

Last year's gathering
, nearly half of the classmates present.

Well now, it's not good if I pin-point any individuals to comment about his/her appearance in the 2 pics, you can do the comparison yourself by looking for familiar faces in the pics. You may noticed that some didn't changed much in terms of physical appearance or the behaviour in the pic.

Nevertheless, we've changed a lot since then. I've been organising the gatherings for the past few years, and every year there must be some surprises to see friends changed a lot to an extend I have to guess for awhile before identifying them.

It's kinda embarrassing not able to call up their names as you still running around in your mind asking who's this person? I'm sure I know him/her but gosh I've forgotten his/her name! :S

Yeah, it is always good that to see people whom we learn and play together finally have grown up to be handsome lads and attractive ladies, living life at its full potential, a bright future to go!

Yep yep, I am amazed to see such "transformation" happening to friends around, until I've forgotten about myself too. Looking back at my old pics, I started to laugh at myself how funny I looked like back then, especially my tooth.

Thanks to the advance medical procedures, I'm no longer the "bucks-tooth" kid they used to teased on. I had quite a hard time to deal with this back in the primary school as I'm nicknamed "rabbit-tooth".

I can't find any of my old pic in digital form, I guess the primary school photo is the only digitized pic I had back in those days. Haven't got the time to scan pics from the albums as the scanner is obsolete and do not recognise USB connection.

Quit babbling with excuses, what I'm trying to say is that, people grew up from time to time without noticing it. Those who've been separated for some time will no longer be recognised instantly, well for some.

Styles have changed since then, no longer the short hair, the dull black hair, the build up of body weigh, etc. Only time will tells the difference between before and after.

Those girls, whom I usually didn't take notice of, suddenly turn up to be gorgeous ladies, is quite a surprise, or shock for many.

As for the guys, some turn to be much much handsome they used to be, turning from cute to handsome lol. There's still some who remains almost the same as they used to be, you'll noticed a few if you've sharp eyes.

Nope, I dont have friend looks like Christian Bale, it's just a metaphor!

Friends, are still friends after all, no matter how they turn up to be in the end. The bond of friendship is inquestionable, it is priceless, but given the situation of modern life, the friendship may be betrayed for personal greed and gain, thus showing the ugly side of the beautiful life.

I see our life as a beauty and a gift, albeit the crazy political conditions happening around across the globe. If we can live in a world minus the silly politics, everyone would be happy and therefore we'll be living in a much better world than we're today.

Why do I turn the topic around from beauty to politics then? You see, if you look into things carefully, everything can be actually linked up together by any means.

Say, I live in Malaysia where the current political situation isn't that stable, and then it's also linked to the political turmoil the world's facing, thus leading to the deteriorate of the living standards in this world.

The people's physical and mental wealth are being drained and does not refilled in a short period of time. This will causes the compromising of our life quality, which posses a major impact for expanding the further dominance of us the homo sapiens.

We are the smartest animal, the king of all living beings. If we do not live in a life where we felt comfortable in, sooner or later the natural selection process will takes place, eliminating undesired traits, leaving behind a rather dull and boring human being. The evolution may be directed to a wrong path then, if we continue to further fight against each others.

Politics and religions are the main contributors for the newspaper headlines in current and past decades. Sect leaders, nation heads, religion-extremists, NGO representatives, whether you like them or not, they're the one who's "ruling" the world.

Sometimes it's not every news reported are true. I felt there's some sort of conspiracy going on making the world in such unstable state, and some parties may ripe the benefits from it. Say for example, increase in sales of the firearms and ammunition due to on-going war in various places.

Go! Go! Go!

No matter how tough and worse it may sound, we still can find the sincerity and genuine affection we human beings have. The world is filled with the majorities of people who wished for a peaceful, prosper & worthwhile life, while the dreaded minorities want to see the world to burn down without any sets of rules to follow.

Regardless of what stance you stand while you're still alive, when you're dead everything will be equal.

Like many people, this is what I hoped for, a long-lasting life accompanied by an eternal partner, just like this....


  1. i like this post! especially the ending. lol. this part too.
    "when you're dead everything will be equal."

    keep the posts running! =]

  2. Hey there shinody! It's been awhile!

    Thanks for the comment here, heh. :D