26 May 2008

Updates ahoy!

Sorry people, was totally hooked with the game.... it's just like a drug, I've to depend on it to continue "survive" lol. I'm going to write a review for that game when I've time, probably sometime after next Friday since I will be having a whole week holiday before continuing the last few papers.

Yes, I'm still having exam now, AS exam to be specific, supposedly I should be digging myself with notes & books, but no.... I'm studying history in the world of Civilization IV lol!

Meanwhile, there's this topic stirred up online discussions among Malaysians. Funny.... here's the news:

School uniform sexy, says group

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian group condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

“The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,” National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari said in a statement.


A statement made by an ultra-conservative group.... other organizations and groups condemn this silly statement. Saying that the uniform attributed indecency among students, doing some nasty stuffs and so forth. It is foolish and stupid to had such idea, because those people  worn the same uniform when they're still studying in school. They may have mention it long time ago, but why now? They're making a fool of themselves here, even the Minister of Education voiced out his objection too.

Enough of those silly news. Nowadays the local media are reporting lots of political stuffs, which are getting more and more boring. When there's more argument between those political figures, the more hopeless we people think of our future, especially with this kiasu (fear of losing) government running around. Even veteran member got so disappointed until quitting the party because of the failure in the leadership.

I say, if Abdullah insist he wanna continue to run the office 'til next term, he's very unlikely to win the next election. Unless, he changed himself up for good, better to get himself brainwashed from all those useless ideas running in his brain as suggested by his cronies and corrupt advisors. He doesn't admit that he's the actual reason behind all the failures. If a leader does not take the responsibility of his party's defeat, he can't be a great leader.

It's not just in a political arena, even in a team also the same applies. If a team doesn't perform well, the first who'll get punished is the leader, not the members. Well, this ideology is being taught while I was in NS. If they can implant it in that programme, why not in the country leaders' mindset?

Talk about bad government administration, I'm enraged by the actions of KL City Council, the notorious DBKL locals referred. They went on to DEMOLISH my FOOD PARADISE in Desa Setapak!! WHAT THE CRAP!!


What the...... 真有够他妈的王八蛋!!

Now that I dunno where should I get my lunch after college. Those familiar stalls are no longer there, I dunno where can I get the delicious and cheap food anymore. With the destruction of those food stalls I patron more than a decade.... it's very sad and yet disappointing to see everything is wiped off in just a matter of hours! Right now I dunno where those stalls will be relocated. I hope they'll back into business somewhere around the old area huh.

I heard that there's foul play in the City Council, saying that they went on to destruct those "illegal" stalls as an excuse of them losing in the general election. Weird huh..... the City Council, is headed by the nearly-defeated party. They aren't happy with it, so now they are dragging us people into the trouble.

The authority however, left out a spot they didn't destruct. A few stalls lying just across the road, selling kuih-muih, pisang goreng, nasi lemak etc stall. No reason why the stalls aren't being demolished as well, these stalls are ILLEGAL like the other food stalls around. Pic:

Apparently, it's all about the skin colour. Those stalls above, are run by the Malays. Compare to the other food stalls run by the Chinese, these stalls are obviously more obstructive as it blocks 3/4 of the pathway to the LRT station. Amazingly, those DBKL officers must be blind to miss that spot, or they're colour-blind?

The conspiracy behind the demolition of the food paradise is questionable. It's hard to get those culprits being "sentenced to justice", as they're sided by the government.

Fuck off! Sorry dont really like to curse but to have disturbing event happened which affects me, really piss me off. I curse those who neglected the orders and take action based on racial judgement, will not be living comfortably.

Until now I haven't recover from the trauma of my favourite food stalls are being ruined by stupid faggots. In the grief of losing wonder food.  :(

Sigh.... I'm still really mad with the piglet authorities. Anyway, I guess my situation is far better than those who're suffering from cyclone in Irrawady and the quake in SiChuan.... May God bless their souls. Myanmar gov, you better start opening up your nation borders, let those rescue workers in. They're there to help, not to sabotage your gov. Myanmar Junta is such an example of a failure gov who doesn't take care of their people's well-being. Have a look at your ally China, who did really well in the rescue efforts, no delays and open up every channel for international aids.

Sigh, the world is pretty much messed up for this moment. I hope there won't be anymore tragedies or shocking news in this few months to go. Either way, I don't think there'll be any much good news for the time being.  :\


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