26 May 2008

World Cyber Games 2008!

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Alert for all gamers, WCG is back again in Malaysia! :D

If you're looking for high-end gaming competition, this is it! The ultimate tourney of all! Behold, you're playing against the best of the best in the world!

Hardcore gamers would've heard of WCG before I believe, the most prestigious stage for gamers around the globe to show off the best of their gaming skills!

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is the largest gaming festival celebrated annually. It is an international e-sports event (or "Cyber Games Festival") operated by Korean company International Cyber Marketing and backed by Samsung and, starting in 2006, Microsoft. The official motto of WCG is "Beyond the Game."

The World Cyber Games were set up in 2000 with the first festival being held in 2001. The festival is influenced by the Olympic Games with a players village for competitors and since 2004 a different host city every year.

Kids nowadays dream of making up their life by playing games as a profession, joining game tournaments and winning up the nice sum of prize money. Ultimately, you'll be heading to some exciting places around the world to participate in the top-league gamers' championship, and the best of all, all you have to do is PLAY without PAY!! (reverse of P2P [pay to play] lol) Well, who wouldn't be proud for representing your country to compete in the international arena?

Of course, in order to made it to that level, one have to be real serious with their gaming. Yes, everyone can play games, but not all Tom, Dick and Harry across the streets would take gaming up to another level like those pro-gamers did.

Don't get too laid back yet, you will never know how good you are if you do not try it out isn't it? Here's the deal, Malaysia WCG qualifying session is just weeks to go!

WCG 2007 Grand Final champions - Team USA.
US win

Tempted to join the WCG event? In order to book your ticket to the WCG Final in Cologne, Germany, firstly you have to qualify to represent your country, right? Good news for you then, the WCG 2008 Malaysia Championship will be held from 15th to 17th August at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. All games champions will be sent to Cologne, Germany this November to represent Malaysia in the Grand Finals! For more information, stay tuned to the official site for further updates on this event!

It's not just that! That is just a tip of the iceberg! The main event is actually held at the out-streets of Low Yat Plaza on the 30th and 31st of May, the WCG 2008 MY Kick-Off!

This event is a latest addition for this year in conjunction with the upcoming WCG 2008 Malaysia Championship. There'll be a VIP from the Ministry of Youth & Sports to officiate this opening, so it must be a huge-scale event!

During the event in Low Yat Plaza, there's almost everything for everyone. Gamers, and non-gamers alike, are all welcome to join the Gamers Fiesta where you'll be served with free snacks and beverages. Oh by the way, they do not serve alcohols. :)

If you love band music, this is the place where you really want to be on that day. There will be a Band Jam Competition where you can see band-enthusiast playing their gig, and you can join them if you're interested to form a band and play with 'em.

Besides, events like this wouldn't be completed with prize-giving activities, right? There's cash prizes to be won every 2 hours! All you have to do is challenge someone on some sort of activities there, and the winner will walk away with RM200! Remember, this will happen every 2 hours throughout the 2 days. Pretty sleek chance to win some cold cash huh!

If you're planning to get some gadgets over there in Low Yat during that time, this is a good chance where you can get those stuffs cheaper than usual as they're going to be auctioning IT goods. You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity if you love to get good stuffs with low price!

Also, there will be another gaming tourney held during the event, which is the WCG Asian Championship Qualifiers. Confusing huh? This WCG AC is exclusively for Asians. This tourney details can be referred here.
The games played are War Craft III: DotA, FIFA 08, and Need For Speed: ProStreet.
Likewise, upon qualifying on this round, you'll be playing on another international stage where you'll be competing with fellow Asian top players in Singapore in early August. The goal of the Asian Championship, well of course, is to be the champion of the Asia continent, what else?

Either way, it is definitely a fun experience that you'll never ever forget! So come and join the fun in the WCG 2008 MY Kick-Off!! :)

More info about the competition, events and activities can be referred to the official site: http://my.worldcybergames.com .

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