11 May 2008

Google scare the hell out of me

It's something to do with this blog. Just now, I dunno what happened, I seems to have error from Google telling me that I cant access to Blogspot blogs. I was freaked out because that time I'm trying to check my blog. I tried my friends' blog, also the same effect.

I tried to reboot the computer and see, and to my horror, the problem is still persist!

It's freaky.... If there's anything happened to this blog, it's like a dooms day to me!

Since it says running anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, I decided to run AdAware 2007. The McAfee installed is pretty much useless. After the spyware test I run CCleaner to make sure things are cleared.

Well thankfully it works OK for now.... I will never ever again want to see the "http://sorry.google....." URL showing on my address bar..... freak!! It's not only I cant gain access to my blog, but the other's blog too. Without blog, experience on the Internet is much boring lol.

I terminated my Gundam SEED anime download just now fearing that the torrent is the main cause of the problem. Now I regret terminating it lol, but I guess it's still OK since I'm not terminating it at 99%!!

Hmm.... I wonder whether clearing the cookie and cache solve the problem? It was only after doing this then the problem seems to be solved..... Looks like CCleaner doesn't clear much of Firefox's user data.

I heard that I'm not the only victim here eh? I hope Blogger and Google will clear off the mess for good.

Google, please do not freak me out again!

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