11 May 2008


Recently I'm indulge with the sheer quality of McDonald's food. I rarely pick up any fast food, but take it once in awhile is no harm to the health. Just that, I'm somewhat addicted to McD after having it's breakfast burgers and pies for few mornings.

On the last day of April I took the trouble drive to McD to collect free burgers for friends, thanks to the school admin giving out the free burger voucher.

Free Sausage McMuffin, taste good!
McD Sausage McMuffin

Apple & Banana pies, simply the best! (in terms of quality and cost)
McD pie

There's one Friday when I'm lazy to get my lunch elsewhere, I decided to ring McD's delivery service to order their set meal. I ordered Quarter Pounder burger to try it out for the first time, and also ordered additional pies because I love them lol!

After waiting close to 50 mins, the delivery reaches my doorstep. Not the fastest in terms of fast-food, but heck at least I dont need to take all the trouble going out myself. :P

McD delivery

The pies are good as usual, they're the reason why I love McD so much hahah!

Now let's see the Quarter Pounder...

McD Quarter Pounder

McD Quarter Pounder

What can I say bout this burger? It taste quite OK, but maybe is because I rarely eat beef burger so it's hard to decide whether is good or not.
My tastebud isn't suitable to taste beefy food.... I tried BigMac sometime ago, and the felt the same too.... nothing to shout about.

Next time I should try their Chicken McDeluxe, or wait the return of seafood galore, especially the Double Fillet-O-Fish burger. :D

I'm still yet to find any fast-food burger that could beat KFC's Zinger burger, my fav! :)

P/S: This is an experimental post I written on 4th May. Trying out Blogger's scheduled blog post, which means I'm able to write post dated sometime in the future! :)
This post was written in-conjunction of a McD Nuffnang ads I just get on this date.

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