04 April 2008

Trial Exam Part I

Ah.... gotta love the schedule! Apart from the first day, I reach school everyday around 7.45am, do final revision until 8.20am, entering the examination hall, and walk out with another burden lift off my shoulders at 9.30am. Head back to home straight away.

That is my time-table for this 7 days of trial exam. Seriously, I felt more relaxed than usual, even though this exam shall not be taken too lightly.

First day of exam is the worst, 3 killer papers in a day and I can only get out at 3.30pm. :S

Pure Maths is the first and the worse so far.... I shall be concentrating doing more past year questions from now on.

Applied Maths, is the opposite from Pure Maths. To my luck, I managed to finish all the questions, and hopefully I can do well in this paper. I've confident in this paper. :)

General Paper, 2 essays in 2 hours.
The first title I wrote is "Should blogs be regulated?" I've lots of thoughts to write bout this, and I might post it up here when the teacher finish mark the paper (I hope she'll do it fast this time).
Second title, "Advantages & Disadvantages of studying abroad". I think with some edits, that essay shall be posted on the Malaysia Students Blog. :)

For the rest of the following 3 days, I'm sitting for objective papers, each duration is 1 hour.

Physics 1, then again, blow it off. Too many calculations to burst my brain, summore have to recall all the formulas memorised, not a good move.

Chemistry 1, have to thanks Mr Low for giving tips since last year lol. Some of the questions are taken out directly from his previous tutorial papers, so it wasn't that hard. :)

Biology 1, again, the questions are taken out from past year papers. I'm glad I revised on the past year questions earlier. Finished all the 40 questions less than 30 mins lol!

Now, only 3 papers left, I can say 3 deadly papers, if I'm not careful. Tomorrow although is Saturday, but we still have to go back to college to take on Chemistry 2. Monday will be Physics 2, and the last, Biology 2 on Tuesday.

It isn't that hard as I expected, I guess doing the past year papers will guarantee you at least a pass lol.

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