03 April 2008

A little facts bout myself.

Body: ARE YOU:
1. Perfect?: Not really, but I'm happy with it.
2. Tall?: >1.75m
3. In your pajamas? : Nope
4. Left handed? Nay, I'm the majority! (right-handed if you dun get me)

1. Number: 3 & 6
2. Color(s): black red blue
3. Food: as long as the food taste good. I'm addicted to CHICKEN!
4. Place: A park filled with greens.

Q: What was the first thing you did
this morning when you got up?
- Shut the alarm clock.

Q: Do you have anything bothering you now?
- Preparing for exam.

Q: What's the last movie you watched
in theaters?
- CJ7?

Q: Where is the last place you went?
- College hall.

Q: Do you smile often?
- I think so.

Q: Do you wish upon stars?
- Wishing stars? Nah....

Q: Are you a friendly person?
- I think I am one, heh.

Q: Best friend or worst enemy?
- Friend >>>> enemy!

Q: Where did you sleep last night?
- My room...

Q: Why did you sleep there?
- If not where you want me to sleep at? Beside the streets?

Q: When was the last time you cried?
- Some years ago.

Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep?
- Lots of things flying in my mind before I sleep, couldnt really remember it.

Q: Rate life as of right now, one being bad ten being great!
- I'd say 8. 1 is lack of success, the other 1 is lack of the other half.

Q: What do you hear right now?
- The Wind Forest by Joe Hisaishi (song from Totoro).

Q: Does anything hurt right now?
- Nope. I'm physically and mentally healthy! :D

Q: What's your favorite month?
- March? My birth month.

001. Real name?
- Cheng Ling Fan
002. Nick name?
003. Eye color?
- Black
004. Zodiac sign?
- Pisces
005. Male or female?
- Male
006. Single?
- Unfortunately yes lol.
007. Crushing?
- Not really.
009. Smart?
- Definitely! :D
010. Hair color?
- Black
011. Long or short hair?
- Short
013. Sweats or Jeans?
- Jeans
014. Phone or Camera?
- Phone with cam function!
015. Health freak?
- Sort of.
016. Drink or Smoke?
- Nay. I dislike these two.
019. Piercings?
- No I dont have holes on my body.
020. Tattoos?
- Nah....
021. Righty or lefty?
- Right....

023. First piercing?
- I dont have holes on my body!
024. First best friend?
- Hmm.... KY or Hong Inn? That was long long ago.
025. First award?
- Best student in kintegarden? LOL!
026. First love?
- Not into it, yet.
027. First pet?
- Not allowed to rare a pet. :(
028. First big vacation?
- A trip to Beijing. That's the furthest place I ever been to so far.

049. Eating?
- Just finished my dinner.
050. Drinking?
- Nope.
052. I'm about to?
- About to what?
053. Listening to?
- Asian XTC, by Joe Hisaishi!
054. Plans today?
- Today is almost over lol.
055. Waiting for?
- Nothing to wait, heh.

068. Lips or eyes?
- Eyes..... O_o @_@
070. Shorter or taller?
- Not too tall and not too short, I do prefer taller cause I'm tall lol.
072. Romantic or spontaneous?
- A solid and everlasting relationship. :)
073. Nice stomach or nice arms?
- Dunno how to answer this.
074. Sensitive or loud?
- Loud is OK, since I'm quiet, need something to rock me.
075. Hook-up or relationship?
- Relationship.

079. Drank bubbles?
- LOL funny, but no.
080. Lost glasses/contacts?
- Need not to worry this cause I didnt wear specs or lens!
081. Ran away from home?
- My only safehouse, why should I run away from it?
084. Broken someone's heart?
- No idea, most probably no.
085. Been arrested?
- Nope, havent got problems to deal with cops.

090. Miracles?
- I think so, sometimes there are things that couldn't be explained by science.
091. Love at first sight?
- Perhaps?
093. Santa clause?
- The old man who give gifts during Xmas.... too bad NO!
094. sex on the first date?
- You must be kidding! Never heard of STD before?
095. Kiss on the first date?
- Hahah, if only things are going PERFECT!

097. Is there one person you want to
be with right now?
- Hmm, maybe? But it's just a thought, dont really have the strong desire for it.

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life?
- Yes! I couldn't ask for more! :D

099. Do you believe in God?
- Yes, I believe in Buddha, Jesus, God etc.

100. Post as 100 truths?
- I think so, I guess there's nothing to hide here. :)

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