31 March 2008

TMnet Streamyx Combo!

Found something interesting recently, apparently the local ISP, TMnet, is now offering a cheaper broadband services for the users.
The deal is called "Streamyx Combo", obviously following the trend from fast-food restaurants, combo deal #1 etc, heh.

People nowadays rely on computers very much, and of course Internet is definitely one of the biggest reason behind it. Surfing with a high-speed broadband can really make a huge difference in online experience. It's like comparing the speed of a bicycle with a motor, you can imagine that dont you?
Now back to the promotion. TMnet offers different Streamyx packages depending on the connection speed, ranging from the lowest RM 60 as advertised, to the higher end RM 160. The connection speed ranging from 384kbps to 4Mbps. Here's a simplified summary diagram:

Uncertain which package you should choose? Here’s another table for your reference:

Which package I'm using currently? I'm running on 512kbps for now. Might consider upgrade to 1Mbps, but since I'm not the one who pays for the bill so it's not easy to convince the bill-payer to upgrade eh.
I've been using Streamyx for 5 years, and overall, I'm satisfied with the service. During this 5 years I’ve received free upgrades, which boost the broadband speed and reduced monthly fees.
If you're a user like me, changing from 56k dial-up to Streamyx broadband, you'll noticed the big difference in terms of cost and time. For long run, Streamyx is much cost-friendly compare to dial-up.
Streamyx is running on unlimited basis 24/7, and you only have to pay for the fixed monthly fee.
As for 56k dial-up, you've to pay for every minute you online, and also the telephone charge which you used to connect to the net. Usually it'll cost 100++ per month for the Internet bill.
You know the difference, RM60 VS RM100++.

In terms of speed, do a simple maths, 56 and 512, which value is bigger? The bigger the value, the faster the speed goes.
Another Maths fact: If you're downloading a file, faster speed will result in higher download rate, which means the file will be loaded into your computer faster. Then again, you're comparing 56k's usual 5kb/sec with Streamyx’s 50kb/sec.... Streamyx perform much faster than its predecessor for sure.
Oh and also, remember the days when you couldn't receive or make calls when running on 56k? This is no longer a problem with Streamyx! :)
Actually the Streamyx Combo promotion doesn't stop there just yet. If you signup the Streamyx Combo now, you’ll be offered a great deal, compromises services below.


With an additional fee, you can enjoy some of the best services TMnet provide, like making unlimited local calls, Internet security, and also BlueHyppo online community access.

Streamyx broadband service provided by TMnet is a must for every family in Malaysia. If you haven’t signup for it now, you better do it fast! This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss, so make the move now or you’ll regret i!

Further info can be referred from Streamyx Combo’s website (

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