28 March 2008

Check on my horoscope

I'm an early March baby, so I'm aligned with Pisces, the "double-fish" zodiac.
I checked Wikipedia bout the horoscope, thinking that I might get some clues of my own self better from the knowledge database I rely so much heheh.

According to common believes, a Pisces' birthdays fall between Feb 19 to March 20. They're said to be attributed with water element, which obviously, fish cant live without water.

Following are the Pisces characteristic traits that I think I posses:
  • friendly -I've no problems to get along with people, even strangers, but I need sometime to get used to it.
  • optimistic - Looking forward for every moment in my life!
  • sensitive - I will somewhat know what's going wrong on things happening around me.
  • mystical - I'm shaded by a mysterious veil from strangers.
  • smart - Yes! I'm smart! :D
  • emotional - Sometimes I can be a little emo, but it wont bother me that much, unless something BIG happened.
  • reverent - I've earn a degree of respects from peers, and the elders.
  • easygoing - I'm relatively eased with friends.
  • fun - I love to enjoy things I like!
  • sympathetic - I felt a sense of unease when looking at beggars, or people who're less unfortunate.
  • compassionate - same as above.
  • intuitive - I trust my instinct mostly, but of course
  • unworldly - I do think that sometimes I dislodge myself with the world my friends live in.
  • wise - The older I get, the wiser I become. :)
  • open minded - I'm quite open for new things and difference in opinions. If it's a valid point I'm willing to accept it.
  • caring - I do care bout those around me, ready to help whenever they need it.
  • liberal - I'm neither left-winged nor right-winged. I'm neutral!
  • humorous - Too bad not many people would enjoy my cynical jokes.
  • imaginative - Oh I think alot! Well, mostly in my imagination lol.
  • understanding - I'm good in this. Else, why friends would come and consult me when they're having problem?
  • perceptive - I think this is same as intuitive above.
  • tolerant - I can get along well with most people, provided they didnt breach tolerance limit.
  • benevolent - I think I'm qualified for this as well. :P
  • artistic - Artistic, only if that's something I'm interested in. I'm bad in drawing though.
Enough with positive traits. Good signs must be accompanied with least-favourable traits as well.
  • distracted - since I think too much, I can easily running off-topic from my mindset.
  • detached - sometimes distanced myself from things isn't good though.
  • illusionary - excess imagination backfires.
  • lazy - lazy, in terms of finishing homeworks hahah.
  • erratic - some people might take me as a weirdo.
  • aloof - refer detached.
  • complicated - too many things to think of, overloaded brain!
Perhaps, all these info will give you a rough picture how I might be.

I believe that one shall not judge a person from the 1st sight, though 1st impression is important to get to know a person. :)

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