17 March 2008

Domain & Hosting Sponsorship Program

A net friend of mine, Calvyn, recently announce a sponsorship program which would benefit bloggers who're running on free bloghost, like the Blogspot I using now, free WordPress, or other bloghosts out there. This sponsorship deal is made to celebrate his blog's 1st anniversary.

The sponsorship deal with grant you a free domain and webhost. Pretty neat stuff there, a free domain name, a 1GB hosting space, and 10GB monthly bandwidth, it's a good deal considering you dont have to pay for it! :D

Some requirements mentioned in order to qualify for the sponsorship included as follows:
  • Active in blogging, at least 2 posts per week.
  • Build up visitors traffic at least 100 unique visitors/day at the 6th month of sponsorship, and 200 unique visitors/day after the 11th month of sponsorship.
  • Mandatory sponsor's link and banner in the sponsored web.
Personally, I've no problems to meet the requirements 1 to 3. My site traffic is been quite good lately.

I have a domain now, which I won last year, will be expiring soon Oct. I'm looking for a renewal soon, so I think this is just the service I need now.
Also, I plan to have a major overhaul in my blog later this year, when I'm done with my studies. It'll be a big leap forward from a puny nobody to a well-recognised blogsphere regular! ;)

This program is opened for everyone, and it is limited spaces for 50 people only, so if you're interested with it, take action as soon as possible. First come first serve.

Entry details can be referred at Calvyn's post.

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