18 March 2008

Captured Cars

I'm a car-lover, I wouldnt want to miss a change to snap some nice pics of cars that I like. Now that I've a handy cam with me anytime, I shall be able to grab some nice shots, should I came across cars that interests me.

1st test shot, a Proton Perdana V6.


A Mercedes C 32 AMG. Not really a clear pic.
AMG models are rare in Malaysia, I think it's a little waste to get an AMG-modded C class....


A nicely modded BMW E46 3 series. Too bad cant show it's front, nice car.


US-specs previous generation Toyota Camry.
This is a car from one of the foreign embassies as shown in the red car-plate. Personally I dislike the styling for US-specs, as I prefer local SEA-specs Camry.


Another BMW E46 3 series. This should be a stock sports-styled model, which means all the kits come together with the car instead of modding it after-sale. Then again, not a good pic as it shows only the side.


Do note that I took the pics when I sees red in a traffic light junction. I wouldn't risk my own safety for the sake of taking pic of cars.
It depends on luck, whether the car stop besides or in front of mine. :)

OK, the showdown of the day.....

F1 ticks for this weekend! smile_teeth


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