03 February 2008

Writing Styles

I'm having a little conflict within myself. I'm struggling to decide what kind of writing styles should I adapt in writing essays.

I used to write essays as if I'm writing a blog, with the difference that I write with a pen on the paper instead of on the keyboard. It lifts my confidence up when I see the teacher marked the paper and return to me with a satisfying score.

This year, my GP teacher isn't that kind compare to the previous teacher. She demand more mature writing from us, and those titles she gave for essay-writing cannot stimulate my inspiration to write it like blogging. It may be the nature of the title itself doesn't suit my blogging style, also I have little knowledge bout the topic.

I suddenly turn from a guy who loves to write, becoming someone who fears to write. It's absurd. I'm not willing to put down anything because I do not want to produce a work which I personally dont think is good. But sometimes I cant help but do things against my desire because if I didnt do it, that will cost my marks. It's not a good news for me definitely.

To deal with this problem, I've been trying to adapt a more formal writing style, but I hardly see it works well. I've read lots of articles with excellent writings, but I dunno how to mimic their style to put it as my own. Eventually the work turns up to be a mixture of different styles of writings, which is bad if the examiner is a British who's more concern on the quality of writing than anything else. I think writing in formal style limits my expansion of the content, giving me a hard time to inject some blood into the article. Lifeless I'd say.

Blogging on the other hand, turns out to be more casual method of writing but packed with lively ideas, just like the way I feel right now writing this post. I've the freedom to control everything in the writing, what I want to write, how I do it, and when I finish it.

I'm currently working on another essay titled "What are the qualities of a good teacher?". This topic is something I'm more interested to write about instead of writing the effects of foreign culture invasion towards local culture and identity, that kind of stuffs which I don't really care to bother about. I'm writing this essay in a more formal manner.

So far I've completed 50% of the essay, and I'm not rushing it as the due date is next 2 weeks. When I read my own essay, I felt that it lacks of soul in it, something which is essential in writings if you want to score high marks. I was thinking, should I rewrite the whole article in a more casual blogging style?

This link will direct you to the partially done essay, perhaps you ought to have a look in order to understand what am I trying to say here. Yes you've to read many things here, but please help me with me will'ya? I really appreciate for your time you went into it and give me some useful advices.
Alas, I concede that I'm not as good as other writers out there, well at least I'm trying to improve things.

That's it for now folks, better continue to work on the essay.

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