06 February 2008

The Day Before CNY Holiday

One word to comment bout the upcoming CNY holiday: CRAP.
Why crap? This is because the holiday is short, just a mere 4 days for us. Back in the schooldays we used to have a week holiday for CNY, but not for college. :(

Furthermore, the lecturers had prepared us a lot of works to be done during CNY. Assignments, tutorials, past year questions... etc. Sigh.... If we really want to finish all of 'em, basically we wont have enough time to celebrate CNY alrdy.

Our lecture class still continue as usual, although there's significantly less people than usual because some coursemates had return to their hometown to celebrate this festive season. Still, at least 3/4 of the students still turn up in the class, which surprises the lecturers, as most of the time like this the students are gone for good.

Just when Mr Low is "enjoying" teaching us, the electricity suddenly went off. Of course, the whole lesson was greatly affected. No electricity for mic to amplify voice, no power to project the slides, no light source to see the crowd, Mr Low have nothing to do but to chat around with us while waiting for the electricity to resume.

I spend that moment taking photos with friends in the lecture hall. Hah, too bad cant get the photos now, so cant post it up here. I'll repost the pics once I got the pics from my friend CQ.

Mr Yap's lecture class followed after Mr Yap's lecture, but since there's no electric so he cant spend his "last" moment with us in the lecture hall. He ended up announcing his resignation in canteen. As expected, many people are shocked to hear the confirmation of his resignation because we just thought he's joking as usual, or he's just changing his position. The good news is, he'll still be teaching us lectures as a part-time lecturer instead of full-time lecturer. Why he wanna resign? He didn't say... not even in his blog! I've managed to record down a few bits of his "final speech".

Our last lesson of the day is Chemistry tutorial handled by Mr Low again. Not much stuffs to study, just finish up an A2 chapter.

Our class suppose to have 2 more lessons after that, Bio and Phyz practical. Ms Chong is absent due to personal reason, and not many willing to stay up to 2pm for Phyz practical, as the Chem tutorial ended at 11am. We officially start our CNY holiday at that moment after finishing Chem tutorial, heh.

After the class ends, I followed some classmates went to canteen to chit-chat awhile before going home. It's good to socialise with fellow friends, especially you have no time to talk so much and you all will be missing in action for a week, hah. A great day I'd say, especially the electricity part killed all the lecture class. :D

Part of SN8B classmates.

In lecture hall with coursemates around me.

Coursemates again, heh.

Some of the girls in my class.

'til then, Happy Chinese New Year for those who're celebrating it!! ;)

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