06 January 2008

5S3 BBQ Gathering

Another typical class gathering, this time not handled by myself. Toh Wai and some friends decided to organise this gathering by themselves, so as the usual organiser I had myself step out of this affair and let them carry out their jobs.

It turns out to be a little messy at first due to mis-communications and crying weather. Who'll be foolish enough to had an open BBQ under the rain eh?
After some discussions among friends we decided to switch the location to another friend's house, which is quite close to my place. Thankfully her parents allow us for this "instantaneous" request, and gladly help us with the setting ups.

The food is surprisingly taste better than I expect. The usual fishballs, meatballs, sausages, chicken wings etc. Our BBQ menu always stuck with these few stuffs. Anyway preparing these stuffs arent easy, I did it before so I know preparing is far tedious than grilling and eating it!

Her house isn't the biggest, but we're glad that we could find a proper place to grill our food, albeit the bad weather. I got to admire her parents for being such generous and helpful.
If they turn on to my house, 99.99% my parents will reject it. Nowadays we rarely had many guests at our home, even our relatives doesn't come in such a large number. The last time we had such event is my 16th birthday, heh.

Currently I'm blogging from my friend's computer. Heh, I dunno how to play those poker cards, and I dunno how to play mahjong, I dont have the gambler's blood in me lol. My only concern is electronic devices, such as digital cams, computers and Internet.

I better get going to join the guys then, because I dunno when we'll have another gathering, and I doubt I'll be so free that time, given my tight exam schedule for this year. :(

Oh well, someday I'm gonna miss the days like this, the freedom and the joy of hanging out with friends~

Group photo. Some are missing because they went back already.

Mahjong gang.

Playing in the living room.

BBQ outside the house.

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