04 January 2008

2008 is a busy year

Oh my! It's only the second day and I'm feeling terribly tired already! New year in college sure is a lot different last year. Hahah, now we're "promoted" to seniors, since SN7 seniors are done with their studies, so now we SJ8 and SN8 will be the big brothers and sisters then.  :P

I'm glad to see many familiar faces teaching us again.

Ms Chong who was suppose to be on maternity leave still teaching us for this semester, although she'll definitely be out of the classroom around March for maternity reason. Also, she'll be handling my class' Bio practical too, since Ms How quit to further her studies for a Ph.D degree.
Ms Lynn withdraw her decision to resign from teaching, and she's back in the classroom sharing all the jokes and knowledge with us. She told us her experience during the holiday, which turn out to be a party animal after all. My oh my, at some point I doubtful for her being a lecturer, but she really knew all the stuffs! Highly intelligent woman I'd say, I hold high regards on her.  :)

Year 2008 will be a busy year for us. Looking at the time-table, more or less the same as last semester, except this semester we'll be having additional classes for Bio and Chem, so far. I can only go back at 4pm on Monday, and got to go back to college on Saturday for a two hours extra class. A little sacrifice for academic purpose should not be a problem 'eh?

Another reason why this is gonna be a busy year is because of exams and tests. Let me list it out what test I'll be having and when is it:

  1. Test IV (early Feb or late Feb)
  2. Test V (mid course, trial for AS. Tentative 24 March - April Fool)
  3. AS exam (mid May - mid June)
  4. Test VI (July)
  5. A2 Trial (Aug)
  6. A2 exam (mid Oct - mid Nov)

It's like every 2 months a test is coming. Aiks, gonna get myself more hardworking then.... no more time to slack off like last year.

Talk about exams, I got back most of my Test III papers already. Other than one subject, the rest are doing quite OK, with 2 papers almost an A, a mere difference of 1 mark! I think I ought to work hard for the next test in order to secure the A!

I do hope myself is able to perform well in the exams, study smarter, and of course finish all the tutorials/assignments!

What I'll be doing for next year 2009 will strongly dependent on the result of my exams....

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