07 December 2007

Yanni Voices - Nathan & Leslie

Previously this video is exclusive in Yanni.com, now it's made available on Youtube, which means better publicity!

Yanni is a world-renowned instrumentalist, so this time he tweaked his style a little by introducing vocals into his music. Man, the first two artists feature in this video totally rocks!

Nathan, the guy who sings "Adagio" in latin, which turns out to be absolutely fantastic!

Leslie, the sweet lass turn "To Take, To Hold" become "Before The Night Ends". Also there's another track she sang, but I not pretty sure what's the track name.

So now I'm anticipating the next artist updates, featuring Ender Thomas and Chloe. :)

Read: Yanni Voices Part II.


  1. Yanni has also announced a "World Tour 2008" on his official web site!

    Thank you for the information on Nathan and Leslie. I can't wait to hear the new music! - Cyndi

  2. I checked out the video and you are right the voices and the music do ROCK! I've always liked Yanni's instrumental music...but the vocals add a whole new dimension. "Adagio" is a great piece by itself but Nathan's voice brought so much emotion and feeling into it...AMAZING! I can't wait to hear more.

  3. I don't know about you guys but the spanish track at the end sounded like Ricky Martin. What you guys think?

  4. Hi, There`s a brand new video of Yanni, and his new artists to the Yanni website. In this video Yanni introduces you to "Voices" Ender Thomas and Chloe. He also reveals more music and info on, Leslie Mills and Nathan Pacheco.

    Yanni's dream of reaching a global audience continues with the upcoming launch of his new website. Look for it in the next few weeks!

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