07 December 2007

PC Fair Dec 2007

This is my second visit to PC Fair for this year. I've been there in Aug, and now I'm back in Dec. :D

I had a company today, 3T Ben came along with me while some other friends will be going there later.

We settled our lunch at Kenny Rogers before stepping into the exhibition hall.

This time I came with a purpose, I'm hunting for laptop.

I've been considering few models from different brands, namely HP Pavilion dv2600, Dell Inspiron 1420, Acer Aspire 4920G and Toshiba.
In the end, I go for Dell.

Here's the specifications:

Dell Inspiron 1420 Notebook.

Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5 GHz.
160 GB HDD
14.1" Widescreen display
Windows Vista Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS 128MB
Card reader
Wireless + Bluetooth
Jet Black cover integrated with 2.0 Mpx webcam
Nylon case

Price: RM 2887

For the specs to price ratio, I think this is a real deal compare to the other brands. So far my parents seems to agree on this unit because the price is lower than what I budget earlier RM 4k. Hehe....

As for accessories, I've bought a USB Hub (RM 21), USB extension cable (RM 8) and a Sonic Gear headphone (RM 34).

KL PC Fair Dec 2008

After coming out from the PC Fair we rest a while and enjoy some sushis in Sushi King. The unagi temaki(RM 5) taste good and the best is the buy 1 free 1 offer!

I noticed a lot of my friends are in the PC Fair either working or looking around. Most of them are college friends, namely Li Hong, Mei Ying, Jolene & her bf, Donathan.
I also met with primary school friends Wei Jian who couldn't attend last week's gathering, and a mate called "Alien" from National Service whom I had problem to deal with him that time. Both Alien and Wei Jian are working in Toshiba's booth at the lower floor.

Before we left, I picked up DJ Tiesto "Just Be" CD, RM 37. Pretty good deal as it's having 20% off for certain items. Tiesto is another type of instrumental music with techno trance backing, in other words, those songs for discos and clubs.

How much I spend on this trip? Excluded the meal fare, I've spent RM 100 sharp. Kinda amazing looking at the figures I've paid, all added up to be 100, a nice round up number. :)

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  1. The PC Fair has somewhat degraded.... a flea market comes to mind....

    This time, it's taken over by tons of "green people" terrorising the public....