20 November 2007


Tomorrow I'll turn from a student to become a part-timer again. Work is still the same as last time, notes-making. No increase for me this time, as I thought that I shall deserve a pay raise if the boss is satisfied with my job performance, else, I won't ask for it.

I need something to refresh myself to prepare for tomorrow's work. Physically I'm ready to go, but mentally I need something to stimulate the enthusiasm for working.
As usual I look around the Net, and it happens that today Yanni.com is having new update, featuring more about his new music, which I believe will be released in 2008, hopefully.

Now that Yanni had taken approach of bringing in vocals into his music, and this update's video shows that those vocalists are actually very good! I shall withdraw my earlier comment saying losing interest in the vocals.

The tenor, Nathan, sang the piece "Adagio" very, very well!! At first I thought one of the Il Divos actually joined Yanni's team! Nathan's voice enhanced the piece "Adagio" into an almost perfect piece!

The second singer introduced in this update is Leslie, a soft-spoken lady with beautiful voice. Stunning orchestral work plus angel-like singing, you can imagine that will'ya?

For this update, you can watch the video on Yanni.com.
Next update is scheduled 2 weeks to go, which is 4th Dec. Looking forward for that soon. :)

Hope I can see "Nightingale" in this new project. Of course, I still prefer instrumental and orchestral piece, but if Yanni decided to put in voices into "Nightingale", please make it a Chinese!! :D

P/S: Hello to fellow YST if you're stopping by. :)

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