08 November 2007

My Day

Today's Deepavali, wishes all Indian friends out there a very happy celebration with family!

One day holiday, suppose to stay at home revise for next week's exam.

Well, no one's at home except myself. Parents are away again for days, so I have to settle meals and stuffs all by myself.

Lunchtime, went to Carrefour do some shopping and get my lunch. I settled my lunch for a set menu at the Chicken Rice Shop. Mmm.... it taste good actually! Serving portion is just nice, the chicken taste good, overall it's a good meal for me. The only drawback is they dont serve "siu yok" (BBQ pork) because it's a halal restaurant, heh.

My last headphone is been dangling and the sound quality is getting from bad to worse. It is the time to replace it.

In the end I ended up with this Philips SHM 3300 headphone, which killed RM 60 cash.

So far I've been satisfied with the quality, but it is still not as good as the headphone used in the college's CIT lab. I know that kind of headphone will cost more....

Now, I'm preparing my dinner. I wanted to get my dinner outside, but it's raining so it killed my mood to go out again, so I settle my dinner at home.
I just realised that parents had shipped the last packet of the instant noodles to China for my sisters..... sweat. (-__-")

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