07 November 2007

3rd Year

I've spent quite a number of time on writing and reading blogs.... and I dont have any intention of holding back!

Things seems to be improving bits by bits, which I think compare to last year, this blog seems to be more lively.

Through out this year, life for me is pretty much changed since then.
1 year ago I was preparing for the final examination of high school, and today I am preparing the last test for this semester in college.

I have decided to split the blog's content into other blogs in few weeks time. I will not move the original posts here to the new blogs, I just simply create new blogs and write things accordingly to the main idea of the story.

I call this plan

I will need time to sort things out, especially the layout designs. I think I'll make a lot of changes to the blog designs, including this one.

So far I've sorted out the blog types I'm gonna make soon.

Fevernova Mania, will be the place where footballers and soccer fans will head to. The blog talks about football news, boots and balls.

A musical blog, which I've yet to name it. I think I'll go for title like "Rhapsody in [insert color]", depends what kind of colour scheme I'll choose for the blog. I dont think it will be in blue colour though.

曲之人生~ Life of Tunes.
n this blog I'll write things solely in Chinese Mandarin. (currently half-completed)

So these are my plans for the upcoming holiday. Trying to utilise free services to rack up some serious cash, heh.

Back to the anniversary, the blog's anniversary seems like my 2nd birthday. One in March, and one in November. :)

'til then, I'll compare what I've been through for the year til 4th anniversary. I doubt I will have time to write so casually next year because I will be seating for A2 exam next Nov.

That's it for the entry of the 3rd of in blogging business.

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