16 November 2007

End of Semester 1

Today finished last 2 papers, Chemistry and Applied Maths.

Chemistry is tricky, but I've manged to finish all, although I'm uncertain of some answers. I just hope I didnt do that badly compare to Test II.

Applied Maths, I need to score well in this paper so I can survive the whole Maths paper, after having a tough time deal with Pure Maths on Monday. To my luck, I managed to do 6 out of the 7 questions. Too bad there's one 6 points question I left blank because I've no idea what to do. Screw you again Mr Yap!

Before we left the examination hall, Mr Yap inform us bout our holiday assignment, duh! To my relief, it's just like an online maths quiz, so called "Spice Up Your Brain". My brain wont be resting this holiday, as I've to settle quite a number of things you see.

Talk about lecturers, it's sad that some lecturers will be leaving TARC next year.

Ms Chong (Bio lecture) will definitely unavailable due to her maternity leave.

Ms How (Bio practical) will be further her study in Ph.D field(!).

Ms Marilyn (General Paper) will resign from current post, so we have to find a replacement for GP again. Kalaimathy again? Oh no....

Mr Yap (Applied Maths) hinted he might quit? But I think he's just joking, as usual. If not, why he'd gave us holiday assignment?

I wonder who'll take over our Bio lecture next year? Ms How suppose to be Ms Chong's replacement but now she's gone too, so we're short of Bio lecturers by then. Mr Low still can handle a few Bio practical classes, but lecture? I doubt so.

This holiday I think I'm gonna revise the AS syllabus, for the sake of next March's AS exam.

Happy holiday to all my friends, see you again next year!

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