17 November 2007

Business Opportunity?

I just came back from a session of talk with an old friend Andrew, along with his business partner William.

The story started few weeks ago when I received a call from Andrew telling me wanna meet up with me to talk about business. He said, side-income eh, not a full-time job.

So today his business partner William talk with me for awhile before starting the presentation. After asking me bout some financial questions, he unveiled the business plan, Amway.

He said that upon working for them for few months, we'll generate the income of RM 5k/month, a large sum eh? Possibly earning, say RM 20k/month, if it's a long-term partnership. He said this is just a side-income, somewhat a part-time job, yet you earn equivalent to an assistant manager out there in the market.
I think he's trying to brainwash me with a large amount of money here, still I continue the presentation with him.

He offered me another round of more in-depth talk about this business opportunity this Wednesday evening, which I've verbally agreed to attend. Also, prepare RM 85 for a business starter kit?

Before I left the session, some friends, namely Aina, Jun How and Eric join in. Apparently Eric introduced both of them to join in. They're trying to get more friends of us to join in eh?

Well, personally I felt that myself isn't that multi-level marketing (MLM) type of person. The way they do things, I'm doubtful. Sure, I've heard their product quality is good, but of course good things doesn't come cheaply isnt it?

I am still yet to decide to join them, because in my opinion it doesn't suit my style, my interest. Did I mention before that I don't really like to get involve into business directly? I prefer do it indirectly, like blogging here. I've heard of MLM scams, and it is important that I dont fall for their trap, if it's a fishy trap after all. For now I can see that they're trying hard to persuade people to join them, mainly youngsters at my age.

I'm still too early to make a decision here. I'll join their "lecture" session next Wed to understand how they function and to look out whether it's a scam or a real business after all. Besides, I'm not alone too, I think I'll meet many friends there on that Wed session.

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