15 October 2007

Kitaro "Matsuri"

Hereby I introduce to you, Kitaro, the new age Japanese composer. He can be referred as "Yanni from the East', as both of them composes excellent music for all.

This video features one of the best known Kitaro's pieces, "Matsuri". This song is comparable like "Santorini" by Yanni, which brought global fame to the composers.
Of course, the nature of this song is different than the lively "Santorini", this "Matsuri" offers a more in depth feelings, something that couldn't be explained by words, perhaps from the inner soul.

Kitaro himself plays the keyboard/synthesizer as well, but he did involved in the drum set too(Yanni only concentrate on the piano and keyboard). Kitaro is also capable of playing flute too.

Kitaro will be having a concert in Malaysia soon, at the end of Nov. Details of the concert can be found here. I've asked my father to get tickets for this great event, I wouldn't want to miss this great performance!!

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