15 October 2007

Define Stupid

A recent GP essay.


Define “stupid”

“Stupid” is a word we normally use to teases or insults the others. Normally, the poor victim is subject to doing funny, illogical or unusual things that make people around him or her to lash out such comment. Most of the time people would take it as a joke or prank, but for some faint-hearted, the word “stupid” can cause a traumatic damage than you actually ever think of.

From my point of view, we youngsters take this word carefree, while the adults have a different view for this. For them, telling someone stupid is a very rude gesture. For us youngsters, it is just merely another word from our daily conversations. As you can see, unlike the adults, we do not take it seriously, telling someone is stupid has been part of our life, literally. Of course, no one is happy to be called stupid, so no matter in what kind of circumstances, use this “magic word” carefully, it is a highly offensive “weapon”.

According to a wise man’s quote, stupid is just a subjective label we give to others, and it is subjective in nature, which means, it highly depends on a person's opinion and seldom it reflects the true nature of another person. Nobody is perfect, as everyone has weakness and flaws. Hence, stupid does not not really exist at all other than a trick of our own bias perception calling others stupid only reflects one’s ignorance in communicating with other people. It is obviously not improving the situation, but it only worsens it.

It is simply a lose-lose solution, even if it is mean as constructive criticism. Telling others that they have “room for improvement” is a much civilized, positive and nicer alternative to label “stupid” as this gives the listener some hope and he or she would not take it as an insult.

Therefore, it is best to restrain from using the label stupid, as the people who use such label only show their flaw in their own manners, so what do you think of it?

Finally, the true meaning of “stupid” refers to the teacher who refuses to give me good marks for this piece of essay. :P

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