21 October 2007

It's Done

After celebrating today grandfather's birthday, now my burden has been lift off. The reason why I'm absent these few days on the net, whether it's on MSN or blog, is because I'm totally involve in the preparation for the birthday.

So what makes me occupied for days? Masterminding the slideshow presentation, setup the background music for the whole event. Sounds easy, but of course things are easier to be said than done. I like to do things like this, so I'll go into the details on by one, which can take quite a lot of time to make it perfect.

Overall, the event is a big success for us. Many family members are involved, and yea, everyone is glad things are going according to the plan. Finally, we can rest for good.

As for me, I'll lay down myself for now. It's pretty late now and I definitely need to get a good night sleep. :)

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