22 October 2007

Grandfather's 80th birthday presentation

Should be one of the best piece of my work so far, but dunno why I felt this video is not perfect.

Video length: 5:55


A little comment on this work:

If you've watched my previous work, you'll notice that I repeated the same BGM in the video. I think that the 2 songs there are very suitable for this time's work, especially the 'oriental flavour ' of the songs is just what I need (I'm from a Chinese family so naturally we prefer eastern music).

I was given a time-frame between 5 to 7 mins for this video, as my relative-in-charge asked me to put as many pics I can into the presentation. He even asked for me to put 1 sec/pic, which I think is out of mind because people cant see things so fast at this rate! I later then switch to 3 sec/pic setting, but then my sis, who's the narrator, told me she needs a little more time to narrate. At the end I set the pics slightly longer, range from 3.8 sec/pic to 5 sec/pic rate.
The reason why I'm reluctant to change the setting too much is because I want the pics to be synchronise with the background music. Oh well, this time I cant make it happen. :\

At least I'm pleased people praise the work, and the final video's projection is better than I expected. This is due to the high-quality output I've selected while exporting the video file from Windows Movie Maker. It looks pretty good too on Youtube. Anyhow this video eats up 55MB space in total. Normally I'd just export it in lower-quality in order to save space.

That's all for the comment on this video. Comments and critics are welcomed, of course. :)

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