16 September 2007

Futsal at Air Panas

Today's football game is a little unusual than the normal routine. The Stpk Indah field is too wet, and too few people turn up, so the gang decided to play the game at another ground. The alternative ground is actually a futsal court near one of the Air Panas low-cost flats, which is free for all. Luckily the ground is empty so we can set the game on.

Since it's a futsal court, we dont have to change boots or so. One can play bare foot too. The ground is concrete ground, which is a little slippery but good for bare footers. This ground, if compare to TARC's futsal court, is much larger and better pitch(TARC's futsal court is on tennis turf, too much friction & grip for futsal).

We had a 3V3 match, without the GK at both ends, meaning that all 3 players are on field players and no guards for the goal. It's a good game, though I've made mistake by trying to slide tackle the opponent, which is illegal for futsal. I cant help it, it's my favourite move. :P
I did scored a few goals, but I've lost count as I think I've scored more than a double hat-trick. No point to count those goals, because we're playing without GK. I can simply pop the ball into the goal if there's space for me to do so.

Hmm.... we'll see what can we play on next week. If the weather is good, we might still go on at the home ground. If not, the chances of playing in the futsal court again is pretty high. Heh.

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